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Problem Gambling & Help

US Problem Gambling: - The National Council on Problem Gambling is a helpful non-profit that has been setup to help those with gambling problems who reside within the United States. - This page is a full directory of help lines, e-mail addresses and websites for those who reside within the USA who are seeking help with a gambling problem. - The Gamblers Anonymous website for those who reside within the US and are looking for help. Find information about meetings local to where you live here.

UK Problem Gambling: - For those seeking information on how to recognize a gambling problem, how to avoid developing one and more. This resources is great not only for UK citizens/residence but for anyone interested in knowing about problem gambling. - Both a resource that provides helpful information on how to prevent developing a gambling problem but also provides information about addition and how to get help in a case where you may already have a gambling problem. - For information about GA meetings in the UK go to this resource where you'll find this info along with a forum and message board, live chat and more.

National Problem Gambling Clinic - Specifically for those who reside in the UK who may have a gambling problem this resource provides information on getting help.

Canada Problem Gambling: - This website is intended for Canadians seeking help with a gambling problem. This is the official website for the Center for Addition and Mental Health in Ontario. - Website that provides information about getting help with problem gambling for Canadians.

Canada Problem Gambling Directory - This page lists several links to websites along with toll free support numbers for each Canadian province.

Australia & New Zealand Problem Gambling: - Website that provides information and help services for Australian residence who may have a problem with gambling. - Problem gambling help services for Victorians. - The gambling helpline for those who reside in New Zealand.

Regulatory Bodies

Kahnawake - - Link to the Kahnawake gaming commission where you'll find information about regulatory procedures and policies as they pertain to their licensing, due diligence, etc...

UK - - Official website of the UK Gambling Commission which provides all pertinent details to licensing, authorized licensees, etc...

Isle of Man - - Website for the Isle of Man Gambling Commission.

Malta - - The official website for the Maltese Lotteries & Gaming Authority.

Gibraltar - - Lists all licensed gaming operators in Gibraltar and provides information about all details pertaining to Remote Gambling, licensing, etc... in this section of their website. - The website for the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance body. Initially an initiative launched by Microgaming directors to instill player confidence though operator transparency.

Portals & Directories - Link to the Yahoo directory featuring links to a wide assortment of categories that are related to gambling. - Great guide to gambling that provides some interesting stories and opinions about gambling both online as well as offline.