An Introduction To Let It Ride

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There are several poker hand rankings based games at online casinos. In these games you do not compete against other players. You bet against the house. In some of these games the dealer is dealt a hand and you have to beat it. In others your hand is compared against a payout table. Let It Ride is an interesting casino poker game of the second type. It differs from the other games because you reduce your stake as the game progresses instead of increasing it.

You start by placing three equal bets. You are dealt three cards face up and two cards face down. At this point in the game you can withdraw one of the bets or let all three bets ride. Next, one of the face down cards is turned over. Again you may withdraw one of the bets on the table or let the remaining bets ride. Then the final face down card will be turned over to reveal your five-card poker hand. If this hand matches with any on the payout table then all the remaining bets are paid out according to the payout table. Otherwise these bets are forfeited. The lowest hand ranking on the payout table starts is Tens or Better. It pays even money. The hand rankings follow the usual poker sequence. The highest ranking is Royal Flush that pays 1,000 to 1.

Let it Ride involves a certain element of skill. If you play with the optimum strategy described below then you can achieve an average return of 96.5%, which is better than most video slots offer. The first decision is taken after you see the first three cards of your hand. You let the bets ride only on the following hands. Tens or Better or Three of a Kind can be guaranteed with three cards so you let the bets ride in these cases. You also let the bets ride when you hold any three cards to a Royal Flush or three cards to a straight flush. When you see four cards of your hand the Let It Ride optimum strategy is as follows. You should let the bets ride if you have a hand that already pays, like Tens or Better, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs and Four of a Kind. You also let the bets ride if you hold any four cards to a flush or to a straight.

Many online variants of Let It Ride also offer a side bet. The bet has a house edge of over 13% and should never be played. Microgaming and Playtech offer Let It Ride at their licensed online casinos.


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