Between a Rock and a Hard Place in Slot Machines

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Last week I was playing slot machines for ยข1 and something happened that made me realize there are so many times when making the right choice can go either way: betting the maximum versus making my money last longer. Note that on this day I was on an incredibly constrained budget, hence the low steaks. I decided to use $40 on slot machines and see what would come out of it. There was something about knowing that there was so little money in my hands that made every spin much more exciting than usual.

A couple of spins in I found myself down to $10 and felt like giving up, I had been playing for about four hours and had experienced multiple up and downs. I kept my bets as low as I could on every spin, and only took a few opportunities to bet the maximum the slot machine would let me. To my surprise it was at this point when I hit the jackpot and was awarded $60. The machine had a progressive jackpot that was up to $5,000 and it hit me I had made the biggest mistake: not betting the maximum amount on a progressive slot machine.

Upon reflecting on the situation, and on the $4,940 I did not win, an epiphany suddenly hit me: if I had been betting the maximum all along, I probably never would have made it to the spin that awarded me the jackpot. The realization begged the question: am I better off with my $20 surplus over my original bet, or did I really miss out on the jackpot by not betting the maximum? I was in between a rock and a hard place.

From my years of experience in gambling all I can say is that there is no right answer to this question. You will always miss out on something, if you make a profit you will wish you hit the jackpot, but if you do not hit a jackpot you might walk out empty handed. This is perhaps one of the moments when the luck aspect of online casino gambling makes itself noticeable. You just have to follow your gut at the moment and hope that you are making the right choice. The good part is that there is always some form of return in online casino gambling, and in the long run there is always something to win.


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