Common Lucky Charms For Online Slots

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Every online casino player knows that for winning at slots games you need to be lucky. But some players believe that they can charm Lady Luck into bestowing her blessings on them. Others are not so steadfast in this belief, but argue that they have nothing to lose in trying to win her. So over the years these players have developed habits that they unavoidably follow while playing online slots. This article lists some of the more popular ones. Maybe you could try a few and see which one works for you.

The most popular trick is carrying a lucky charm while you play. Tradition lucky charms are rabbit’s foot, horse shoe and four leafed clover. But these are not the ones often used. An old coin is perhaps the most common lucky charm. Other lucky charms include bracelets, buttons and matchboxes. Staunch believers will touch or kiss the charm before every spin. Other players merely make sure that they have it on their person or at the table.

Wearing lucky clothes come next, only because clothes do not endure for as long as coins or bracelets. You slip into your favorite shirt or shorts or even undergarments before you log on to your favorite online casino. Some players do not have a lucky garment as such. They go by a lucky color and ensure that the color is present in whatever they are wearing. It gives them more freedom. Unlucky color is a corollary to this. Some online slots players believe that a particular color brings them bad luck and they avoid the color like the plague.

Some online casino players will place a bet of a specific amount on a specific slot game first. Having completed this ritual they then move on to whichever game they fancy. The philosophy is difficult to understand. If a particular slot machine is so lucky that you have to begin with it, then why not continue with that game? But rational argument has no place when you are wooing luck.

There are slots players that take their lucky items to their environment. They must face a particular direction or have a particular light on. Some find luck in particular music. Such players often disable the audio in the slot machines and listen to the lucky music on MP3 devices. Some players have lucky drinks, be it a cola or a cocktail. You will find them sipping it all the while they wager. Some players find wagering in the company of a special person lucky. Some players stick with their lucky charms, others keep on moving from one to another hoping to find one that clicks.


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