Decisions Made Easy In Online Slots

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When you play online slots there will be certain choices that you will be asked to make. This article takes you through the choices, outlining the factors that you will need to consider.

To start at the beginning, the first decision is whether or not to play online slots. The following factors are in favour of online slots. There is no skill involved so your mind will not be burdened with learning strategy. The payout ratios in online slots are much higher than in the other casino games. The disadvantage is that the average returns at about 95% are lower than the high skill games like blackjack and video poker.

Having decided to play online slots, the next question is to decide which slot machines you should wager on. Many experts recommend basing this choice on average return. The problem is that you can never calculate for yourself the average return for any slot machine. For most slot machines the information will not be available in the public domain. If the average return is known to be less than 94% then you should think twice before playing that slot machine.

A more practical approach to choosing the slot machine is based on volatility. A high volatility slot machine will pay out less often but will pay big now and then. A low volatility slot machine will pay frequently but the very big payouts will be missing. The volatility will also not be available in the public domain. However, there are simple thumb rules. Progressive jackpot slots have the highest volatility. Then, the volatility decreases with the largest line payout. Another indicator is that slots with fewer paylines tend to be more volatile.

If you are playing some of the older video slots you will be asked to select the number of paylines. Always go for the maximum. Because almost all the slots players follow this practice, the current trend is to keep all paylines active by default.

The final choice will be the bet size. The crucial factor here is the size of your bankroll. You must select the bet size so that you can get at least 100 spins in the session. Most players will want more than that and will have to suitably lower the bet size. There are two special cases for bet size. In some slot games you will be eligible for the progressive jackpot only with a qualifying bet. Playing such games with a bet smaller than that is meaningless. Some video slots offer extra features for an additional wager. Again it is pointless to play these games without the extra bet.


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