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Almost all online casino games suppliers offer multi hand video poker games and these are very popular. You have games where you can play up to 100 hands at a time. The main advantage of multi hand online video poker games is that they considerably increase the speed of the game play. So you can play many more hands in a given time. The slight disadvantage is that all the hands have to be played with the same bet. Some online casino games suppliers offer video poker games with different number of hands as separate titles. Most notable are the Power Poker games from Microgaming. Other games suppliers allow you to choose the number of hands from within the game.

Once you have selected the number of hands that you want to play, you select the number of coins to be wagered and the coin size. As in single hand games, you should always opt for the maximum five coins to be in line for the jackpot payouts. The total bet amount is the product of number of hands, number of coins and coin size. Five cards are dealt in the large central part of the screen. You mark the cards that you want to hold by clicking on them. These cards are transferred face up to the corresponding positions in all the hands. Then you click the Draw button. The remaining cards in the main hand are replaced and the face-down cards in the other hands are turned over. Each hand is independently compared with the payout table and the payouts are awarded accordingly.

As in single hand online video poker variants there is a double option. You can exercise this option after any winning hand. It gives you the chance to try to double the payout won at zero house edge. However if you guess wrong then you will lose the original payout. You can repeat the double option a number of times. If you activate the double option then you will be dealt one card face up and four cards face down. You have to pick one of the face down cards. If it is higher ranked than the face up card your staked amount is doubled, otherwise it is lost.

Many facilitating gaming options are usually available in multi hand video poker games. Colour codes are used to identify the hand ranking because with the increasing number of hands the text size necessarily gets smaller and difficult to read. You can also increase the speed of the game play by dispensing with card dealing animations.


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