Historic Gambling Moments in the US

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Gambling has gone through a lot of ups and downs in its strive to become an accepted activity in American culture. In its very early beginning gambling was seen as an illegal activity and all of the games were hosted undercover and in secret locations. As time went by, the gambling sector experienced historic moments that functioned as the building blocks of its inclusion in society. Today, we will look at five of the most outstanding moments in the history of gambling in the United States, so keep reading to get some historical knowledge.

1. In 1931, the state of Massachusetts decriminalized bingo. This was made in an effort to support churches and other charities in their efforts to raise money. This was a major step for gambling because soon after other states saw the benefits of bingo games and began legalizing them for charity purposes.

2. In the 1930s horse racing and pari-mutuel made a breakthrough when states like Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, and California made them legal again. Also, twenty one other states re-introduced racetracks, which had been banned for a very long time, and created new laws that guaranteed honesty and fairness in horse race betting.

3. The wonderful state of Nevada, a trademark location for gambling worldwide, legalized most forms of gambling within state boundaries in 1931. This led to the construction of what we know as one of the most amazing gambling destinations ever built.

4. During the years of 1894 to 1964 any form of lottery was prohibited in the United States. This was shocking because lotteries were always extremely popular and continue to be so. New Hampshire decided to sponsor the first state lottery in 1964, and New York state soon followed. In 1971 New Jersey was proud to host the first moderl lottery with huge financial success.

5. As a state that is always ahead of its kind, New Jersey was the second, after Nevada, to legalize casino gambling which turned out to be a key move in the rehabilitation of Atlantic City. We all know this worked out fairly well, and today this state was one of the first to legalize online casino gambling.

As we all know, casino gambling is slowly but surely making its way into becoming a federally regulated activity in the United States. If it was not for these key moments we would not be where we stand today.


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