How To Play Online Blackjack With Optimum Strategy

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Online blackjack games are capable of delivering average returns around 99.5%. This statement comes with a condition. You have to play using optimum blackjack strategy. But blackjack strategy is complex, because there are innumerable outcomes at any stage of the game. You cannot reason out the strategy at the table. The problem is compounded by the fact that each blackjack variant has a slightly different strategy. Optimum blackjack strategy has been determined using computer simulation of millions of hands. Playing at land casinos you need to memorise the strategy. At online casinos you can refer to a strategy card.

Blackjack strategy revolves around two factors. The first factor is the player’s hand value at the time. The second factor is the dealer’s face up card. This allows for the strategy to be conveniently represented on a card in a tabular form. The player’s hand values are given as the row headings and the dealer’s face up cards are given as the column headings. The decision to be taken by the player for a given value of his hand and a given value of the dealer’s face up card is available at the intersecting cell of the corresponding row and column. A few pointers need to be clarified. In the dealer’s face up card there is a column each for cards from 2 to 9. There is a common column for all the 10 value cards. And there is a column for the Ace. The rows for the player’s hand value are slightly involved. They are given in three parts, because each of them requires a different optimum strategy. The first part contains hard totals from 4 to 17+. The second part contains the soft totals from 13 to 19+. And the last part contains the pairs.

Strategy cards are available for each blackjack variant and you should keep the relevant card with you. If you are playing at a Microgaming online casino then you already have the correct strategy card within the game. With one click you can access it before each move. The Microgaming blackjack strategy card is double coded. Each move is represented by a different colour code and by a different text code. You can follow the code you are comfortable with. Checking the strategy card before each move can be cumbersome. Microgaming online blackjack variants allow you to set the game on auto play for a number of deals. This feature automatically picks up the correct option from the blackjack strategy card.


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