Innovative Live Dealer Baccarat Games

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Random number generator based baccarat games at online casinos are not very popular, even though they offer among the highest average returns without knowing any complicated strategy. The reason is that the game play is not exciting. When live dealer games were introduced at online casinos, the games suppliers created some innovative features in the baccarat games to make them attractive.

Baccarat Dragon Bonus is one such game. It involves an additional side bet that revolves around the margin of the win. If the winning hand is a natural then the side bet pays even money, irrespective of the margin. Otherwise, the margin has to be at least 4 points in order for the side bet to pay. The payout is greater for larger margins. A margin of 4 points pays 1 to 1; a margin of 5 points pays 2 to 1; a margin of 6 points pays 4 to 1; a margin of 7 points pays 6 to 1; a margin of 8 points pays 10 to 1 and a margin of 9 points pays 30 to 1. Ties are treated differently for the side bet. Ties with both hands getting a natural are treated as a push. All other ties result in the side bet losing. The side bet has a lower average return than the main bet, but it offers the potential for larger payouts.

In Running Baccarat is a live dealer baccarat variant offered by Playtech. It is a much more complicated game suited for the more experienced baccarat players. It is called In Running Baccarat because you can place bets at intermediate stages in the dealing process. You place the initial bets as in the regular game. The first card is dealt to the Player hand. Depending on that card, odds and handicap values for the Player and Banker wins are displayed on the screen. The player has the option of placing a further bet on any of these two positions at the revised terms. The earlier wager will stand. You can place the bet on any hand that you want, irrespective of your initial bet. Then the first card is dealt to the Banker hand. Again new odds and handicap values for the Player and Banker wins are displayed based on the changed situation. Again you can place a wager on the Player or Banker Hand at the new terms. All earlier bets stand. This process continues till the baccarat game is concluded in the normal manner. All your bets that win are paid out at the odds at which they were placed.


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