Is Today the Day You'll Get Lucky?

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Just like many of you probably have experienced, I have felt trapped when playing an online slot machine just waiting to get even or to finally hit that jackpot. This is not a good place to be trapped at because there is the optimistic sense that this will be the day you will get lucky and you keep trying to make that dream a reality. Today, we will talk about this dangerous spot that many of us have found ourselves in and we will discuss the type of mentality that successful online casino players can use to get a realistic sense of the situation they are in.

When slot machine strategy is offered, you will often hear that it is rather obvious that you should step away from an online slot machine once you are betting under your set limit. This type of strategy demands a lot of discipline and will power and it will bring good results to those who can follow it. However, it is also necessary to recognize that when it comes to online video slots the thrill of the moment can beat our will to set a limit to our spending. We find ourselves thinking: what if I only bet $5 more? I already put $5 more, so an extra $5 will not hurt right? This also applies to those who play higher stakes.

The results of this mentality can be disastrous, especially if today is not the day you will get lucky. In reality, any day could be the day you hit the big jackpot just as much as any day can be the day when you lose all your money placing wagers. The odds can work with you or against you, and you need to be aware of this when you find yourself betting that extra cash in the hope that you will hit one more bonus round with free spins or that more of those wilds will show up on the next spin and help you at least get even.

Sometimes it is better to take a small loss as opposed to putting more money on the line hoping to get it back. Online casino games are purely based on luck and you should always bare in mind that luck comes in two flavors: good and bad. We hope this article has helped you analyze your online gaming expectations, please contact us if you have any comments or questions.


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