Managing Variance In Online Casino Games

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Variance, or volatility as it is sometimes called, has a specific meaning in connections with online casino games. Games with high variance are those games that will pay out infrequently but will pay out big amounts when they do so. Games with low variance are those that pay out frequently but in small amounts. The spectrum of variance is as continuous as that of light. So each casino player has to manage their gaming according to the desired variance. This article picks three popular online casino games categories and suggests methods of managing variance.

Slot machines are the most popular of online casino games. In contemporary slot games players can do practically nothing other than choosing the bet amount. The variance of the slot machine comes fixed by the parameters imparted by the game developer. However, slot machines are created with different variances. The only way of managing variance is choosing a slot machine commensurate with your objectives. Some slots developers have started indicating the variance level in the game rules, making it easy for players to choose.

In other slot machines, players have to make an evaluation based on the available parameters. The greater the number of paylines for a given reels structure, the lower will be the variance. So, for a 5x3 slot machine 243 ways will have the lowest variance whereas 9 paylines will have high variance. The larger the biggest payout, the more likely is the slot machine to have high variance.

The standard no frills online blackjack variants are very low variance games. With the bet paying even money for the most part there is little scope for volatility. Online blackjack players looking for higher variance should go for variants with side bets or bonus payouts. Perfect Pairs and Hi Lo 13 are examples. High Streak Blackjack increases volatility by offering multiplied payouts for winning streaks. Generally there will be marginal reduction in average return for higher variances.

Online roulette lends itself to perfect variance management. There are a large number of bets with different payouts at the same average return. The bets on 18 numbers, like red and black, pay even money. The highest payout of 35 to 1 is for single number bets. There are five options in between so you can go for the variance you desire. You can further fine tune your betting through multiple bets of different payouts. A commonly exercised option is a single number bet and an even money bet in the same spin.


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