Microgaming High Streak Blackjack Explained

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Online blackjack is a conservative game. With a top payout of 3 to 2 you can expect to grind it out. Innovative online casino games suppliers have tried to bring some volatility in their blackjack variants. Microgaming High Streak European Blackjack Gold Series is the result of one such initiative. This game is live at all Microgaming online casinos Spin Palace, Platinum Play and 32Red.

High Streak European Blackjack is played with two decks. This gives the player marginal advantage as compared to the usual eight decks online blackjack games. Because this variant is based on European blackjack, the dealer will be dealt only the face up card and cannot check for blackjack. The other material rule of the main game is that the dealer will stand on all 17. The complete rules are available within the game.

In order to enter the High Streak cycle you have to place the High Streak bet alongside the main bet. If the player wins, the payout is made for the main game and the High Streak bet moves to the 2nd Streak without any payout. You continue the cycle by placing another bet for the main game. If the player wins a second time successively, the 2nd Streak win pays 1 to 1 and the High Streak bet moves to the 3rd Streak. In this manner the 3rd Streak win pays 2 to 1, the 4th Streak win pays 5 to 1 and the 5th Streak win pays 10 to 1. The High Streak cycle ends with this and another cycle has to be started afresh. If a player loses any time in the main game, then the High Streak bet also loses and the cycle ends.

There are two special cases to be considered. If the player and dealer hands tie in the main game then the High Streak bet remains on the table without progressing. If the player splits his hand then the net result of both hands determines the outcome of the High Streak bet.

The game play can be made even more volatile. While the first cycle is on the table you can place another High Streak bet alongside the main game bet. This starts a new independent High Streak cycle. In the extreme case you can start a new High Streak cycle with every main game bet. But if the player loses any main game then all the different High Streak bets on the table will lose. You have the usual Microgaming online blackjack functionalities like strategy card and Auto Play.


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