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Microgaming offers a casino poker game in its portfolio titled High Speed Poker. It offers high speed game play for two reasons. It is a three card poker game in which all cards to a hand are dealt upfront. Also, you can play up to five hands at a time against the same dealer hand. High Speed Poker is from the Microgaming Gold Series so you get a classy casino environment as well.

You place the ante bet for the number of hands that you want to play. High Speed Poker offers an optional bonus bet. If you want to play for the bonus then you must also place the bonus bet upfront. Your three-card hand is dealt face up against each ante wager. The bonus bets are settled immediately, win or lose. Three cards of the same colour pay 2 to 1. Three cards of the same suit pay 6 to 1. Three cards of the same rank pay 27 to 1. In all other cases the bonus bet loses.

You then start playing the main game for each hand in turn. You have to decide whether to fold or raise. If you fold then the game ends and you lose the ante bet. In order to raise, you have to place a play bet that is equal to the ante bet. After you play all your hands, the dealer’s three-card hand is exposed. The dealer needs a queen high to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify the ante bet pays even money on all hands in play and the play bet pushes.

If the dealer qualifies then each of your hands is independently compared with the dealer’s hand according to the usual rankings of three card poker. If the player has the higher ranked hand then both bets pay even money. If the hands are tied, then both bets push. If the dealer has the higher ranked hand then both bets lose. High Speed Poker offers a separate ante bonus on some hands without any corresponding bet. This bonus is paid only if you raise, but irrespective of whether you win or lose. Straight pays 1 to 1. Three of a kind pays 4 to 1. Straight flush pays 7 to 1.

There is a simple strategy for High Speed Poker. If you have a hand that is higher ranked than queen high then you must raise. With less than a dealer qualifying hand you fold. With a queen high hand your decision depends on your second card. If it is five or lower, then you fold. If it is seven or higher, then you raise. If the second card is 6, then you fold if your third card is a two or three and raise if it is four or higher.


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