Understanding Gamble Game In Online Slots

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You will find a feature called Gamble Game in many Microgaming and Playtech online slot machines. This Gamble Game lets you stake your wins from the online slots spin in a simple game of chance that can multiply the win. There is a flip side. If you lose in the Gamble Game, then your wins from the slots spin are totally lost. It is also important to note that the Gamble Game is optional. You do not have to activate it. The games from Microgaming and Playtech are structured in a different manner.

In the Microgaming Gamble Game you have to stake the entire wins from the slots spin. But you are given two options. You can try to double the staked amount by guessing the color of the next card dealt from red or black. Or you can try to quadruple the staked amount by guessing the suit of the next card dealt from spade, heart, diamond or club. You can activate the Gamble Game again and again till you lose or till the game limit is reached.

The Playtech Gamble Game gives you an option upfront. You can either stake your entire win from the slots game spin or stake half and collect half. The second option has an advantage. You are assured of getting something from the spin into your account, even if you lose the Gamble Game. And you can use half the payout to try and make extra cash. The Playtech Gamble Game is played differently. You will be dealt one card face up and four cards face down. You have to pick one of the face down cards. If it is higher ranked than the face up card then the staked amount is doubled. If it is lower ranked than the face up card then you lose the staked amount. None of the face down cards is of the same rank as the face up card.

Both the Microgaming and Playtech Gamble Game offers mathematically correct odds. The online casinos do not have any house edge on the Gamble Game and therefore do not make any money or lose any money in this game in the long run. The online casinos simply offer the player an option and make the slot game more interesting. Players have different views on whether or not to play the Gamble Game. One view is that if you have more than recovered your wager in the slot spin, then do not go for the Gamble Game. When you are up it is better to remain up.


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