Understanding Place Bets In Online Craps

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Place is a series of bets in online craps. Not all of the individual bets are worth wagering. Therefore online craps players need a thorough understanding of Place bets.

Place bets are wagered on totals of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Six big boxes are displayed on the online craps layout where the player puts the chips for each individual bet. A Place bet can be wagered before any roll, including the come out roll. A Place bet on a particular number will win if that number is rolled before 7 is rolled. It will lose if 7 is rolled before that number. If neither that number nor a 7 is rolled, which will happen in most cases, the Place bet is carried forward to the next roll. The Place bet is a multi-roll bet and craps players need to be patient.

For understanding the payouts and house edges the six Place bets can be grouped into three pairs. In online craps both 4 and 10 can be rolled in three ways. Hence they have the same payout and house edge and can be grouped together. Similarly 5 and 9 are grouped together and 6 and 8 are grouped together.

4 and 10 can be rolled in three ways, whereas 7 can be rolled in six ways. Therefore the fair mathematical odds for the Place bet on 4 or 10 winning are 2 to 1. Craps games, like the one offered at Microgaming online casinos, pay out 9 to 5 on this bet. This creates a house edge in favour of the online casino, which in this case works out to 6.67%. Most online slot games offer a house edge of between 4% and 5%. Therefore the Place bet on 4 or 10 is not worth making.

A 5 or 9 can be rolled in four ways. The fair mathematical odds for a Place bet on 5 or 9 are 3 to 2. The best online craps games offer a payout of 7 to 5 on this bet. The house edge is 4.00%. Though the house edge is comparable with than that for online slots, the payout is only 3 to 2. Therefore this Place bet is also avoidable. 6 or 8 can be rolled in five ways. The fair mathematical odds for a Place bet on 6 or 8 are 6 to 5. Online craps games offer a payout of 7 to 6 on this bet. The house edge is 1.52%. This is an attractive house edge. So online craps players going for the Place bet should wager only on 6 or 8.


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